Congratulations are in order…

Congratulations to Cheri’s newest winners!

Gretta Herzog Miss Colorado Teen International

Gretta Herzog Miss Colorado Teen International


Congratulations to Cheri’s winners Charity Bess, Miss Minnesota International, Megan Muehlberg- Miss Minnesota Teen International . Lucia Arseni – Miss Minnesota Coed title

New titleholders –Mary Petersen, Miss Minnesota United States, Miss Iowa Teen United States, Tarron Hansen, Miss North Dakota Teen United States, Sarah Edgar, Miss North Dakota United States, Kyla Gradin. Other new winners are Taylor Wagner, Miss North Dakota International 2013 and Gretta Herzog-the Miss Colorado Teen International !
Cheri had many top 5 in the Minnesota International Pageant also. Including Tina Monsmith and Amy Lyon in Mrs. category and Ellen Rorman 1st runner-up in the Miss. Anna Korger was the 1st Runner-up in the teen category and Hillary Wickenhauser in top 5. Again Cheri’s contestants were shining. These young women will take away the poise, confidence and speaking ability into every part of their lives.

Winning a pageant is a life changing experience…

Krista as she is crowned Miss International 2012.

Krista as she is crowned Miss International 2012. Congratulations to Cheri’s client Krista Wanous, Miss Minnesota International 2012. Krista is the new “Miss International”.


Congratulations to Krista Wanous, Miss Minnesota International 2012, Cheri’s client who went on to win “Miss International”. Krista won her title with a platform of healing children who are abused, neglected, or victims of natural disasters through the arts. Cheri also coached Sarah Wall Beckman, another winner of the title Miss International.





Natalie Davis had a big dream…

She wanted to be Miss Minnesota America! With Cheri’s coaching Natalie won Miss Minnesota’s Outstanding Teen, but that was only part of her dream. Last year Natalie’s dream came true. She performed on the Miss America stage as Miss Minnesota. Natalie was also chosen as a “Quality of Life” Finalist at Miss America. Cheri has coached many more Miss America state titleholders, a few are Jennifer Hudspeth, Karyn Stordahl, Tiffany Ogle and Alexandra Hoffman.

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