Congratulations are in order…

                                                                                                                                   Another NEW Winner!

Miss International 2014 Samantha Riddle

Miss International 2Big congratulations to Cheri’s Client Samantha Riddle. 

Samantha Riddle is the new Miss International 2014. Samantha is Cheri’s third Miss International winner. Samantha won as Miss West Coast. This amazing winner has the platform “Holding onto Hope” and works with the Moyer Foundation. She has traveled to 7 countries visiting children in orphanages who have lost a family member. Samantha not only coached with Cheri but came to Minnesota for one of the FAMOUS mock interviews with the world’s best Mock Interview judges.  The other two Miss International winners  Cheri coached are Krista Wanous, Miss International 2012, and Sarah Wall Beckman who won in 2005. Cheri also had the first runner-up last year Charity Bess,  and Maddy Thoele Spiker in 2009, Jenny Monson as a teen 2010.


                          Congratulations to 

Kimberly Stommes

Kimberly Stommes Mrs Minnesota International.

Kimberly Stommes who won Mrs Minnesota International 2014 with a platform about Diabetes Awareness and Prevention and  Cheri Kennedy  as her pageant coach. 




Cheri’s client, Rebecca Yeh wins Miss Minnesota and is a talent night winner at Miss America -then is named to the Miss America top Five!   

Rebecca Yeh the winner of Miss Minnesota America.

 Are we proud  of Rebecca? Yes, incredibly proud.  This has been a twenty five year goal for Minnesota.  Rebecca and Cheri had the same idea, they would prepare her for Miss America the same time Cheri was preparing her for Miss Minnesota, it had to be this way.The best part is-  It worked!  Yes every girl in pageants needs a coach!

Here are more of Cheri’s newest titleholders…

Bri Diercks

Brie Diercks

Bri Diercks is the new Minnesota MAC Teen Queen 2014


Lucia Arseni Miss Minnesota United States 2014

Lucia Arseni is the new Miss Minnesota United States.

Gianna Capuzzi was the first runner up in Miss Minnesota United States.

Cheri’s client, Julia Schleising  is crowned Miss Minneapolis- MAO

Kate Wilson is crowned Miss Rochester

Emily Kallas is crowned Miss Olmstead County

Julia S being crowned

Kate Wilson and Emily Kallas

Kate Wilson and Emily Kallas

Cheri’s clients win both titles! Kate Wilson and Emily Kallas soon after they were crowned Miss Rochester and Miss Olmstead County 2014. MAO

Charity Bess- won Miss Minnesota International and is the 1st runner up at Miss International

Charity Bess

Charity Bess 1st R.U. at ” Miss International “

Mary Petersen won Miss Minnesota United States 2013

Megan Muehlberg won Miss Minnesota Teen International 2013

Gianna Capuzzi won Miss Minnesota Collegiate  2013

Megan Muehlberg Miss Minnesota Teen International

Megan Muehlberg Miss Minnesota Teen International

Lucia Arseni won Miss Minnesota Coed 2013


Taryn Wagner Miss North Dakota International

Taylor Wagner- won Miss North Dakota International 20113 and top 10 at Miss International and won Fun Fashion Wear

Sarah Edgar won Miss North Dakota Teen United States 2013 and placed in top 10 at Miss Teen United States

Tarron Hansen is the Miss Iowa Teen United States 2013

Gretta Herzog is the Miss Teen Colorado International 2013

Tarron Hansen won Miss Teen Iowa United States 2013

Heather Periard won Miss Teen Wisconsin United States and placed in top ten at Miss Teen United States 2013

      These young women will take away  poise, confidence and speaking ability into every facet of their lives.

Sarah Edgar  Miss North Dakota Teen United States 2013

Sarah Edgar Miss North Dakota Teen United States 2013 

***Cheri Kennedy  had 5 different Miss Minnesota titleholders in 2013.***

***Cheri Kennedy has 52 International State winners

***Cheri Kennedy has 6 Teen State pageant winners in 2013

Winning a pageant is a life changing experience…

Krista Wanous won “Miss International”-Krista won with the platform of Healing Children through the Arts.  Krista is Cheri’s second client who went on to win Miss International.                                               Sarah Wall Beckman was Cheri’s first winner of          ” Miss International”. Both young women won this competing with women from  a multitude of countries including all of the United States titleholders.

Krista Wanous
MISS INTERNATIONAL 2012International 2012.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Natalie Davis had a big dream…    Natalie's talent                                

Natalie wanted to be Miss Minnesota America!  With Cheri’s coaching Natalie won Miss Minnesota’s Outstanding Teen, but that was only part of her dream. Last year Natalie’s dream came true.  She performed on the Miss America stage as Miss Minnesota.  Natalie was also chosen as a “Quality of Life”  Finalist at Miss America.  Cheri has coached many more Miss America state titleholders, a few are Jennifer Hudspeth, Karyn Stordahl, Tiffany Ogle and Alexandra Hoffman.

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Another Client Wins…

Cheri’s client Tiffany Fletschock had a dream-it was to be the next Miss North Dakota Teen USA!

Winning a pageant is a life changing event.  There are scholarships and many other wonderful opportunities that will happen-Call me and let’s see what we can achieve together. Dreams can come true!

Contact me directly at 612-419-6667 or email me, Cheri Kennedy-

Another dream came true..

 Jenny Monson  -Miss MN Teen International-Mary Swenson Miss MN International 2011

Miss Teen Minnesota Jenny Monson and Miss Minnesota Mary Swenson 2011. Jenny went on to be the 1st runner-up at Miss Teen International . 

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